Business No.: 04-2021-2040-1619604868

Local Procurement Reservation

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Trevor Mahume Segomelo
1.2. Name of Company: 
Uirtas Proprietary Limited

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Business Location/s

  • Location: Southern District -> Moshupa

Products and Services

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UIRTAS (PTY) LTD LINE OF TRADE MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND RELATED EQUIPMENT Medical devices, consumables and laboratory reagents,-medical, dental and surgical equipment, spares and accessories-Hospital furniture and accessories-Clinical laboratory equipment, spares and accessories,-therapeutic and diagnostic radiation equipment, spares and accessories-syringes, needles ,infusion solution sets, gloves, plaster man range, dental products and equipment, cotton wool, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, nebunist nebulizer, lancets, pregnancy tests, wooden tongue depressors, alcohol swabs, caps, shoe covers, urine bags, surgical and face mask, wheel chairs, beds, patient trolleys, diagnostics hand held machines, STATIONARY Text books, corporate gifts, toners, cartridges, adding machines, adhesives, accessible files, pens, pencils, binders, boards, books, paper rolls, soft covers, loose papers, photocopying paper, plain paper, markers, fax paper, stickers, staplers, punchers, mathematical instruments, memory sticks, staple removers, packaging tape, file tag, log books, envelopes, flip charts, business card holders, dictionaries, calculators, scissors, rulers, name budges, lever arch files, document filling system. OFFICE FURNITURE, EQUIPMENT & FIXTURES Portacarbins, desks, tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves,door stationary cabinets, drawer still cabinets, book case concorde, wooden cabinets, displays, stools, computer stands, sofas, copiers, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, printers, computers, projectors, binding machines, laminating machines, laptops, toners, software, dvd players, decoders, swivel chairs. ICT, ELECTRICAL AND TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES Fiber and optic cables, copper cables, gum poles, metal electrical poles, high and low tension cables, street lights, theatre lights, mobile halogen lamps, flood lights, photo therapy, infrared ultraviolet, electrical multi meters,BE steel, PVC & galvanized conducts, two way radios. ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES AND AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGIRATION Lights, switches, plugs, distribution boards, circuit breakers, surge protections, lightning arrestors, electricity meters, gate automation, electric fence, motor control, wiring accessories, mobile air conditioners, gas stoves, wall split air conditioners, cassette type air conditioners, ducting, refrigerant, extractor fans, electric stoves, air conditioning accessories for domestic and industrial use, pig tails, green stick, copper and silver rods, spares, cold rooms, consoles, floor standing air cooled and water cooled chillers. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT Overalls, aprons, dust coasts, gloves, footwear, shoes, socks, uniforms, trousers, shirts, dresses, blankets, gumboots, dust masks, helmets, fire suits, flags, military protective garments and uniforms, barges, hats, school uniform, boots, whistles, hand cuffs,, goggles, firefighting clothes, firefighting machines, buttons, walkie-takies, tents, sleeping bags, fire extinguishers, fire beaters, horse pipes, CLEANING MATERIALS EQUIPMENT Soap dispensers,hot airdryers,vacuum cleaner,poshes,carpet cleaning,machines,mopping machines,paper towel dispensers,refuse container,buckets mops,brooms,mutton cloth,scrubing machines,brushes,,jumbo rolls and tissues,protective clothing & safe equipment(overalls,apron,dust coat,gloves,foot wear,dust musks,helmets ROAD SAFETY AND EQUIPMENTS Road signs, traffic cones, guard rails, rescue machines, breathalyzer machines, retro relective, road studs, speed humps, road reflectors, speed detecting cameras & machines, wheel clamps, parking meters, traffic products and mining products and eqyuipment CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND BUILDING MATERIAL Sewage pipes, wheel barrows, spades, ladders, shovels, mesh wire, fiscal boards, corrugated irons, purline, rafters, roof and floor tiles, window panes, door and window frames, rakes, air bricks, spikes, timber ceiling, door frames, concrete, gravel, cement, door locks, doors, cement, stone marble, slate bricks. SPORTS EQUIPMENT AND RECREATION Tracksuits, kits, rackets, bats, swimming costumes, exercise balls, bags, balls, gym equipment, golf shirts, takkies. WATER EQUIPMENT Water pumps, pipes, geysers, heaters, coolers, tanks, sewer drainage systems, valves, pipefittings, meters, containers. AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS AND RELATED EQUIPMENTFertilizer, fences, , treated gum poles, seeds supply, and supplements, ,spares and accessories, instruments FOOD COMMODITIES Maize meal, sorghum, beans, sugar, canned fish, tea, salt, cooking oil, fresh milk, samp, mealie meal, canned beef, coffee, peanut butter, mayonnaise, fruits, vegetables, tomato sauce, powdered milk, soft drinks. PRINTED MATTER AND ARTICLES PRINTED BOOKS,newspapers,journals,periodicals,magazines,postcard,greeting cards,postal stamps, cheque forms, bank notes, stock certofocates,trade advertising materials,catalogues,manuals, printed plates or cylinders,paper board registers,account books, binders. BEDDING AND CLOTHING Blankets, pillows and pillow cases, mattresses, beds, school uniform. Tracksuits ,T-shirts ,trousers ,socks ,jerseys ,under pants ,hats and caps ,takkies and shoes ,(formal ,casual and sportswear) jackets ,shoes ,trousers ,fabrics ,shirts ,jersey ,tracksuits ,sunglasses ,rain coats ,belts ,caps ,t-shirts, underwear ,pants ,school uniform ,security uniform and badges). BOREHOLE EQUIPMENT Borehole, plant, parts and accessories, borehole engine and accessories, borehole pipes) TRADE-MANS TOOLS Spanners, hammers, screw drivers etc) welding machines, drilling machines, cutting machines) MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS consumables and equipments- droppers( veterinary waterbed),administration sets ,anesthesiology system ,analyzer (hematology) ,auto claves, bags (urine ,blood ,colostomy ,plastic) ,bandages, barium enema kits ,basic life support manikins ,basins ,hair wash ,kidney ,baskets ,batteries ,bed tact ion unit ,bed pan and washers, beech buggies ,beep valces, bins (sharp disposal) ,blood collection system ,bottles ,bow brushes ,breast prosthesis ,breathing system (pediatric, adult) ,bulbs ,cabinets (fluid warming ,dryings) ,cable wires, camcorders ,camera, cannalas ,cardiac angiography system and highlighters ,desk diary ,knife cutter ,diary register ,file register ,pin remover/ opener paper, punch steno, note books file folders, desk pad,12 inch scale paper cutter, blade sharpener, scissors ,pencil cells ,art card white, yellow transparency sheet (crystal clear) ,nylon twine (any color). Dust bin, computers ,computer parts and accessories and printer cartridges ,motor vehicle spare and parts ,syringes ,tanks ,thermometers ,tissue ,culture ,tradition tangos ,tools ,trays ,tubing ,vials ,viscometers ,vortexes ,washers ,washers\dryers ,waste disposal ,watch glasses ,water purification ,water/waste water wipers ,wrapping ,office and school desks ,office and school chairs MOTOR VEHICLE SPARES petrol and diesel engines, gear boxes ,screens , tyres ,tubes exhaust pipes ,filters ,motor cable wires ,automobile testing kits, pulley tailor ,bearing seal and sealants, plastic batteries ,compressors ,hydraulic pumps ,water pumps ,radiators ,condensers ,lights ,alternators ,starters ,automobile diagnostic kits solenoids ,generators ,boat engines ,and panel diffs ,wheels ,car radios ,modules ,injectors and valves: (Tyres ,carburetors, spark plug ,fuel filters ,dash boards, speed meter cables, accelerator ,tubes rims ,mag wheels ,wires ,jacks ,spanner ,tonic covers canopies ,windows ,wipes ,air conditioners ,fans ,radiators ,turbo agencies ,deep stick ,covers ,bearings, drive shaft ,shoes ,nuts ,bolt joint ,suspension arms ,petrol covers ,engines ,gear boxes ,auto electricity parts ,auto body parts ,bicycles and bicycle parts and suspension parts ,chassis ,heavy plants ,differentials ,axles ,life machines and grinding machines. ANIMAL TRACKING DEVICES: Boluses, RF readers, batteries, static readers, and held hand readers, scales .Mechanical/electronic scales, dial/sliding weights ,pharmacy scales, height measures ,adult scale ,digital baby scales and digital dispensary scales. PLUMBING EQUIPMENT Sockets PVC pipes ,tab rubbers ,gal vanished pipes ,lacto pressure control vacuum ,sink mixture ,super lycrl ,fly screen type ,pillars ,taps ,ridge caps ,basin waste and putty PROTECTIVE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Gloves, masks, disinfectants, sterilizing tubs, autoclave accessories, disposable syringe tips and accessories, bio sonic solutions IMPRESSION MATERIAL AND ACCESSORIES Alginate ,bite registration material ,impression tray ,crowns and bridge impression material adhesives ,solvents, impression paste/ reline ,wax ,high spot indicator ,plaster products ,mixing bowls CEMENT AND LINERS Resin cement, glass ionomer cements, temporary cements, base/liners, zinc cements, poly carboxylates ,compomer PINS AND POSTS retention pins, posts PREVENTATIVE sealants, prophy cups and brushes ,prophy past and powder ,fluoride gels and trays ,tropical fluoride ,dental floss ,dental sticks ,disclosing solutions oral B products ,scalars and curettes ROTARY INSTRUMENTS Diamond burs, tungsten carbide burs, bur stands , mandrels and cleaners SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS scalps blades and handles, sutures, mouth props, fracture banding wire, ligature wires, alvogyl, and gauze X-RAY CONSUMABLES film-intra oral ,film extra oral intensifying screens and cassettes x-ray developers/ x-ray fixer) ,x-ray stain remover ,lead aprons- children/adult film holders, film mounts) LABORATORY CONSUMABLES Abrasives, polisher and mandrels ,acrylics ,base plate ,Bunsen burners ,and chucks ,N+VZA crown and bridge investment , MG vets ,partial investment ,non precious metals ,non precious gold ,plastic impression posts ,whaled ant paramx pins ,plaster ,stone and accessories ,porcelain products and accessories ,bite blocks knife-larger/small ,casting waxes ,crown waxes ,wax wires ,ugine electrolyte liquid ,ugine duplicating flask standard ,N+V chrology ,N+V biology , mestra duplicating muffle ,glue-cyanon medium set ,belle glass NG opacious dentin syringes ,belle glasses fishing kit , belle glasses finishing refills ,belle glass NG translucent denal dual cure syringes ,AND Gingival shades syringes ,belle glass NG color modifier ,belle glass NG miscellaneous solutions, contract kit ,connect/construct scissors DENTAL EQUIPMENT dental chairs ,complete dental units ,operating lights ,deliver system ,stools ,cabinets, cuspidor ,clean water system ,stools ,cabinets ,cuspidor ,clean water systems ,hand pieces ,x-ray processor and accessories ,curing lights ,amalgamators ,scalars ,autoclaves ,and hemoglobin, cuters ,cylinders ,cyto brushes ,defibrillators ,defibrillators , detector devises (oesphogeal) monitors ECG ,fetal ,table top BP) mouth pags ,nappies ,nebulisers (audiometers) ,needles ,neonatal resuscitation units ,opthalmoscopes ,oesteotomes ,packs ( hot and cold) , pads ( incontinence ,sanitary) ,patients aids ,phototherapy units ,pipeline suction system ,pipettes ,plaster ,pludges ,probes ,prosthesis(limb) ,pumps ,suction breast ,punchers ,racks (swab) ,refrigerators ,regulators ,resuscitators ,rentinnoscopes ,tetrators ,scales ,scanners(mammography) , urology ,MRI ,CT scissors ,shoes, sliders ,sluice room equipment ,sockets, specimen ,sterilizer ,stethoscope ,microscope ,mirrors ,mobile clinics ,mobile x-ray machine ,montor shelves ,tents(oxygen) ,test kits ,lights ,thermometers ,trays ,trocars ,trolley ,tubes (end tracheal) , gastrodeudenal ,sunction tuning forks ,ultra machine and accessories ,umbilical clamps ,urinals ,urinology scopes ,vacutainer ,valvels (peep) ,ventilation systems and ventilators (intensive care) ,video cassettes and machines ,warmers (infant) water distillers ,stimulators(nerve) ,support surface group electronic ,surgeon scrub up units ,surgical dressing, surgical scalp lets/blades ,syringes ,tables (theatre ,consultation ,post mortem) ,tapes medical ,ten machines PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Fuel, oil and lubricants, coal and coal related products ,fuel tanks ,fuel pumps ,fuel operating equipment, spares and accessories TISSUE CONTOURING SYSTEM SPARES HP hoses and fiber optic accessories ,surgical XT ,replacement turbine cartridges ,suction tubing ,shut off valves ,HVE accessories ,syringes ,curing light bulbs ,operating bulbs ,x-ray accessories) ,carry cases ,catheters ,ceiling tracking ,cell phones ,chairs ,clamps (umbilical) , cold packs ,collars (collecting) ,commodes ,concentrator toors ,CPR barriers ,diagnostic instruments ,diagnostic immobilizer ,diathermy drains ,drapes , drip hangers and ceiling rack ,droppers (fetal and vascular) DVD ,electric sunction and accessories ,electro surgical units ,emergency sunctions and accessories, equipment rails ,first aid kits ,fluid bags ,incinerators ,forceps ,franke washroom and sanitary system ,funnels ,gloves ,gallipots ,gasanalyser ,gels ( physiotherapy ,silicone ,ultrasound) gloves ,glucostix ,head immobilizers ,head boxes ,and vent domes(oxygen) , hearing aids ,height measure ,holders (mask, needles) ,hooks ,humidifiers , incinerators ,incubators ,irons ,labels ,lamps (angle poise) ,lancets ,laryngoscope systems ,lotion bowl ,mallets ,mask (face ,oscilloscope) ,mattresses and supports ,(pressure relive) ,meters ,flow meters ,gluco meters view