Business No.: 05-2021-2145-1620646962

Local Procurement Reservation

1.1 Name of Individual: 
Bosiela Kebonyedilo
1.2. Name of Company: 
Mecious Investments (PTY) Ltd
1.3 Trading Name : 
Mecious Investments (PTY) Ltd

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Products and Services

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-Gaming (a walk in Games Room where customers pay to play console (PS4) games like FIFA, WWE, GTA, NBA etc. -Graphics & Branding (Embroidery, T Shirt Printing, Logo, Business Cards, Company Profile, Flyers, Banners, Program design) -Internet & Copy Shop (Internet cafe, Document photocopies, printing, binding, scanning, passport photos etc) -General Supplies (Toiletry, Stationery, Furniture, Protective Clothing etc) -Works (Maintenance, De bushing etc) view