Business No.: 05-2021-2212-1620918150

Local Procurement Reservation

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Mpho Moepeng
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STATIONERY AND TEXT BOOKS Printing papers, pens, pencil, paper clips, rubber bands, pins, rulers, markers, desk trays, files, staples, exercise books, drawing papers, erasers, calculators, mathematical instrument, punchers, fax rolls, rubber stamps, notes pads, black and white boards, board dusters, tippex and thinners, diaries, calendars, paper glue, novels, textbooks, chalk, manila papers, ink pad, gift cards, art printing card. FOOD COMMODITIES Rice, mealie meal, peanut butter, jam, flour, salt, spices, canned food, powdered drinks and milk, bread, milk, samp, soya beans, dry beans, sorghum meal, cooking oil, margarine, tea, coffee, sugar, rooibos, fresh park, milo, biscuits, soft drinks, nan-lactogen, bottled water. CLEANING MATERIALS Refuse bags, disposable gloves, brooms, mops, scrubbing brush, jumbo rollers, dust pans, dust bins, toilets brushes, mutton cloths, feather dusters, folded towel dispenser, folded brush set gloves pair, double mop bucket C/W wringer, handy andy, liquid sunlight, floor stripper, blood stain remover, Dettol, savlon, windowlene, sprits, air freshener, fabric softener, acid bowl, carpet cleaner, multi clean degreaser, pine gel, floor stripper, floor polish. TOILETRY & COSMETICS Toothpaste, toilet papers, bar soap, washing powder, body lotion, Vaseline, perfumes, sanitary pads. COMPUTER AND ACCESSORIES Computers, laptops, software, printers, fax machines, CD’s, DVD’s, memory sticks, scanners, projectors, photocopiers, cartridges and tonners, speakers, external hard drivers, monitors. ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRICAL Till register, counting machines, time machines, electric kettle, cell phones and accessories, telephones cables, CCTV, air conditioners, satellite dishes, laminating machines. view