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Nchidzi Tamapo
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Cutfield Investments (Pty) Ltd

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Services are as follows: a) Office Furniture and Fixture: desk, tables, chairs, cabinets’, shelves, trays, displays, cadenza, stools, filling systems, drawers, computer stands, coat hangers, counters, sofas, beds, mattresses, stretchers, kitchen cabinets, shelves. b) Computer and Computers Accessories, and Networking Equipments: toners, ink cartridges, key board, mouse, computer software and hardware, notebooks, hard drives, ups, software , mother boards, processor, stiffly drives, optical devices, cases, memory sticks, monitors , cables, printers, projectors, storage devices, modems, mouse, digital cameras, network adaptors, switches, hubs, wireless network equipments, gaming adaptors, Bluetooth adaptors, network storage adaptors, fire walls, ADSL routers and modems, internet gateways, IP DSLAM, VDSL, leased line routers, network cards and cables, antilog modems, print servers, USB network hubs modems and switches, KVM switches, media converters and transceivers, Ethernet cards’ and switches, fax machines, colour printers, laser printers, networks, point of sales systems, photocopiers, training c) Stationery: text books, notebooks, hard covers, exercise books, soft covers, loose papers sheets, photocopying paper, plain paper, continuous computer forms, book pocket note, manila charts, pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, chalk, markers, all forms, bostik, fax papers, paper rolls, sticker, tape adhesives, staplers, punchers, boards, accessible files, accessory files, box files, files. Rubber bands, scissors, instruments, memory stick, envelops diskette, crayon assorted colours, dusters, staples, staple remover, d) Studio Equipment: video production equipment, recorders, cameras, microphones, monitors, IQ software, keyboards, PCI express, HD and SD Bandwidths’, XDCAM HD, HD XD, CAM-DVCPRO HD,AVC-I,HDC Avid DNxHD, uncompressed 10 bit HD, Multi core CPU processing, Editorial toolset, analogue video, component (HD.SD), composite (SD), Audio mixer, work Station, video monitor, amplifier, speaker, main server, domain server etc. e) Office Equipment and Furnishers: Desk, tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, trays display, credenza stools, filing system, drawers, compute stands, coat hangers, counters, sofas, newspaper stands, conference room furnisher and equipments, projects, projection schemes (mobile and electric), data projectors , smart boards, blinds, audio equipment, guillotine, binding machines 9manual and electric), shredders (small, medium and heavy duty), home theatre systems, point of sales equipment ( computer, cash drawer, pole display, slip printer and touch screens), ill machine, cash register, flasks and kettle ( electric0. f) Cleaning Equipment: floor scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners, broom, mops ,large soft brooms, metal scourers, touches, mutton cloth, galvanised baths, toilet paper, air fresheners, air freshener unit, automatic air fresheners units, soap dispensers, sanitizers, sanitary bins, toilet roll holders, water extractors, hand dryers, washing power, fabric softeners, gumboots, protective clothing, waste plastic bags, mutton cloth, paper towel, mopping trolleys, plastic bags, dust bins, disposables, dispensable overalls, buckets, car wash equipments, overalls, safety shoes, boots and helmets, Hoovers and vacuum cleaners. g) Protective Clothing: police uniforms, military uniforms, overalls, safety shoe, boots, helmets, batons, heavy coats, blankets, sleeping Bags, knee caps, elbow caps, reflective clothing, teething protector, goggles, sheets, bedding, jersey, uniforms, fabrics, reflective clothing, teeth protector, goggles, sheets, bedding, fabrics, military suits, military boots, firemen suits, bells, respirators, aprons and shields. h) Packaging Materials: refuse bags, Plastic, carrier bags, plastic bags, shrink wrap, pallet wraps, tapes adhesives, binding tapes, binding cloth, strapping chord, boxers and strapping clips. i) Promotional Material; diaries, calendar, shirts, t-shirts, golf t-shirts, Caps, hats, floppy hats, mugs, scarf’s, blouses, jackets, leather jackets, wallets folders, mouse pads, picture frames, desk calendars, towels, pens, glasses and burners. j) Clothing and Textile: all kinds clothing and bedding e.g. trousers, skirts, shifts, socks, jersey, scarf’s, bandanas, socks, shoes, school uniforms, blankets, curtains, sheets, pillow, continental pillow, fabrics cloth, jewellery, sportswear and equipments, dresses, shorts and vests, panties, underwear, night dress, gowns k) Security Equipment’s: security and commercial ground surveillance equipments: telescope, binoculars, surveillance camera, CCTV camera, wireless cameras, access Control, helmets, sticks of honour, epilates, berets, jungle hats, service Dress, field wear, Over-rolls, camouflage, combat Boots, jackets, black packs and sleeping bags. l) Fuel: Petrol, diesel, paraffin, oil lubricants and fuel storage tanks. m) Catering and Catering Equipments: Chaffin dish, plates, cutlery, tents, chairs, pots ,glasses, cups, tables cloths, decorative cloths, tables, jugs, carpets, stands and mobile toilets n) Fire Fighting Equipments: fire Extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, smoke alarms, fire blankets, hose pipes, assembly point stand, Gas masks, fireproof blankets, fire proofs overalls, fire engines, compressor, bunkers suits, torches and form gloves. o) Medical and Laboratory Equipments : thermal labels, syringes, infection needles, tubes, bottles, surgical scalpel, bandages, gauzes, plasters, glues, condoms, plastic bags, specimen dishes, fluid, bags, incinerators, sterilizers, sharp disposals bins, waste bins, ventilator, stethoscope, scissors, masks, mattress, hospital beds, wheel chairs, disposal diapers, test tubes, beaker stand, cotton wool, auto scope, microscope, microbes, electro-cardio graph and medical refrigerators. p) Electrical and Electronic: cables, bulbs, wiring, sockets, iron, plugs, kettle tills, electronic boards, edit suits, microwaves, cookers, stoves, television apparatus, fridge’s, air conditioners, heads phones, distributors boxes, circuit breakers, conduits, electrical repair kits, hydraulic press, inventers, testers, connectors, millimetres, simulators, resisters, generators, erectors, compressors, conductors, fuses, units, bushing, substation systems, sockets, adjusters, electros, equipments, jacks, stackers, scales, trolleys, lifters, elevators, tow bars, moulting , controllers, conveyers, time locks, loss control systems, safety belts, security locks, automatic safes and security doors. q) Telecommunication Equipment: telephones, mobile cellular phones, hand receivers, public phones, cordless phones, satellite phones and smart phones. r) Hardware and Building Materials: bicycles, ventilators, screw drivers, spanners, garden tools, mops, scrubbing brushes, garage equipment, brooms, cleaning materials, mats, carpets, mirrors, stands, gas stoves, gum poles, fence, camping tents, tools, tools, cooler boxes, air-conditions, s) Agricultural Products: milk and milk products, meat chicken, sorghum, millet, maize beans, ground nuts, water melon, sweet reeds, millet, pumpkin, green-pepper, sweet potatoes, leather and leather products, sunflower, vegetables, ( cabbage, spinach, chaumolia, tomatoes, onions, avocados, brinjals, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes, marrows. e.t.c) fruits, ( oranges, mangoes, peaches, bananas, plums etc) animal feeds and medications, agricultural equipments. t) Building Materials: locks, tools, doors, window frames, roof and floor tiles, door frames, wall paper, doo locks, doors, shades nets, patio door timbers, cement, stone marble, bricks, brick slates, earth bricks, timber, steel, steel, plumbing and fencing, water equipments and engineering flitting and pipes, river sand, boreholes pumps, concrete, taps, bathroom sets, thatching grass, burglar bars, sliding gates, boreholes pumps, and pipe. Saloon equipments, safari equipments, butchery equipments, water resistant containers ( different sizes) u) Air Craft Equipments and Aviation Equipments: wheels, aircraft wings, storm scrapes, propellers, weather radars, radar altimeter, audio panels, brakes filters, spark plugs, wind shield, lights, jacks, airborne satellites and telephones, geographical navigation system compass v) Motor Vehicle Spares: car alarms, service kits, pumps, radiators, axels, brake cylinders, drums, drums, brake disks, clutch plates, globes, head lamps, bulbs, batteries, car alarms, car body kits, car, radios, car CD and DVD players, car entertainment units, mechanical parts, CV joints, universal joints, sprocket, air filters, oil filters, oil filters, water pump, oil pump, fuel filters, fuel pumps, alternators, starters, tyres, rims, and jacks. w) Mining Machinery: cranes, mobile cranes, towers, cranes, pallet trucks, bulldozer, scaffolding, rigging and slinging, fork-lifts trucks, overheads, crane, skip loaders, front loaders, graders and caterpillars. x) Road Maintenance Material: premix, road signs, roads stones, bitumen and bitumen products, rod paints, reflective studs, fencing material, kerbstone, crushed stones and culverts. view