Business No.: 12-2020-225-1607504061

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Hector Sello
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DIGI spot

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  • Location: South-East District -> Gaborone

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Founded on the 16th of August, ‘18, DIGI spot is proud to have secured the spot in the digital world as part of its identity to commemorate our beginnings. DIGI spot is an attentive, agile, and trustworthy digital marketing agency that offers an extensive range of services to businesses. We are in ’love’ with fresh ideas and this also drives our passion to launch our own products that add value to people and society. From web plus graphic design and development into e-commerce, content curation, PPC, SEO and social media management, we provide an integrated service to enhance your online marketing return and improve the top line. Our products and services are modern, robust, and coherent and this is how we remain effective. We strongly believe that our success is intertwined with the success of businesses and people we serve. We understand your requirements and infuse our interaction with innovative concepts around strategy, technology, and creative design. By adopting this Wow & How approach, we turn your distinct needs into digital reality. We take pride in what we do and we hold high expectations for our work. DIGI spot team is accountable and its members will operate with integrity and sincerity. view