Business No.: 01-2021-243-1610537539

Local Procurement Reservation

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Galerekwe Selogilwe
1.2. Name of Company: 
Qualipro Holdings (Proprietary) Limited

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1.10 Registration with Local Council: 

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Office equipment and Furniture Computers, printers, fax machines, photocopying machines. laminators, binding machines, office desks, chairs, computer software, tonners, flash disks, cartridges, filing cabinet, cash registers, letter trays, crayons, cash registers, letter trays, crayons, cash boxes, safes, watering cans, spades, rubber rakes, notice boards. Stationery Exercise books, pens, pencils, pencil erasers, card holders, calendar stand, calculators, staples, pins, photocopying papers, rulers, chalks, punchers, markers, dusters, geometrical sets, note books, CD’s, educational cassettes, floppy disks, file binders, clip boards, labels, minute books, ledgers, glue sticks, gum and gum spreaders stamps pads, till rolls, correcting pens, tapes, sharpeners, rubber bands, diaries, calendars, manila papers, envelopes, playing cards, staple removers and fax rolls. Protective Clothing Surgical gloves, gum boots, helmets, rain coats, overalls, dust coats, goggles, masks, aprons, blazer jackets, Jordan shoes and lady shoes. Catering equipment Fridges, deep freezers, microwaves, ovens, blenders, water boilers, pans, cooking pots, hot cupboards, dish washing machines, toasters and ice cream machines. Toiletry Vaseline, glycerin, shoe polish, tooth paste, body lotion, roll on, toilet paper, sanitary pads and cotton wool. Cleaning Materials Liquid soap, dish wash, jik, vim, dyroach, doom, air freshener, pine gel, floor scrub, floor polish, furniture polish, drain cleaner and mutton cloth. Medical Equipment Condoms, wheel chairs, patient trolleys, food trolleys, ICU beds, bedside lockers, bed sheets, bed spread, blankets, pillow cases, gowns, mattress, latex gloves, crutches, laundry baskets, BP machines, X-rays, scissors, disposable nappies, first aid kits, cabinets, bow brushes, stick urine, funnel glass teats, rubber, breakers, mackintosh, curtain, labels, refuse jars, waste bins, cotton wool, mattress plastic and glucose meter. Food Stuff Maize meal, sorghum meal, beans, sugar, rice, macaroni, cooking oil, peanut butter, spices, salt, tea, milk, soya, powered juice, flour, beef, honey, green pepper, onions, mayonnaise, yoghurts meat, apples, potatoes and oranges. Tinned Stuff Beef, fish, peaches, guavas, beans and jam. Safety and Electrical Equipment Electro-repair kits, hydraulic press, invertors, testers, connectors, millimeters, circuit breakers, stimulus, resistors, fuse units, bushings, sustaining systems, connectors sockets adjustors, electrodes equipment, jacks, stackers, scales, trolleys, lifters, elevators, tow bar, mountings, controllers, conveyors, time locks, fire alarms, extinguishers, loss control systems, safety belts, security locks, automatic safes security doors. Electronic and Electrical Equipment Television sets, cables, nails, radios, air conditioners, cameras, cell phones, speakers, watches, clocks, telephones, faxes, video machines, electric plugs, extension cords, sockets, irons, projectors, projectors screen, keyboards, alarms and kettles. Computer Hardware and Software Printers, scanners, ribbons, till rolls, toners, cartridges, laptops, monitors, mouse, keyboards, modems, central processing unit, computer software, disks, fax machines, copiers, speakers, MCD writers, compact disk and memory stick. Motor Spares Tyres, tyre tubes, tube patch, batteries, reams, shock absorbers, engines, starters, radiators, fuel filters, air filters e.t.c Road Traffic Equipment Traffic signs, road marking paints, road sign boards and road safety hazard warning triangles. Water Equipment Water pumps, pipes, geysers, heaters, coolers, drainage systems, valves, pipe fitting meters and centimeters. Buildings Materials Cement, bricks, timber, corrugated iron sheets, tiles, paints, door frames, window frames, geysers, ceiling boards, pipes, wires, gates, keys, locks, bulbs, tents, nails bath basin, toilet seat, hand wash basin, taps, damp roof plastic, trusses, wheelbarrows, roofing tiles and decorating stones. Camping equipment Camping tents, camping chairs, camping stretchers, camping lights, cadac lamps, camping toilets, spoons, knives, dishes, pots, sleeping bags, camping tables, mosquito nets, shower baskets, cooler boxes, cadac cylinders, braai grid, torches, shovels petrol containers and water containers. Equipment Hire Cranes, Aerial lifts, Hoisting & lifting equipment, Forklifts, Skid steers & attachments, Excavators, Trucks, Low-beds, Compaction equipment, Floor equipment, Generators, Lighting & welders view