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HARDWARE & BUILDING MATERIALS gas cylinders, welding equipment, paint brush, paints, pvc pipes, plastic containers, overall dust coats, nails, mutton cloth, mop wooden handle, domestic gas cylinders, furniture brass, ladder wood step, ladder fibre glass step , ladder aluminium step, horse pipe and accessories, harvey tile cutter, glass cutter, irrigation equipment, tanks, sprinklers, meters, air conditioners, switchboards, telephone cables, torches, bulbs, hammers, chisel and mallets, saws, abrasives, measuring tapes, lawn mowers, conveyor belts, storage tanks, battery chargers, AC & DC adapters, electric geysers, bearings, rack cabinets, spades, mattocks, slashes, picks and axes, shovels, pincers, engine cleaner, lubricants, tool boxes, gum poles, fire hoses, paint brush, goggles, mouth masks, watering canes, barbed wire, padlocks, road signs, meter boxes, solar panels, mobile shelving, steel poles, tyres, tubes, paints, milking machines, window frames, windows, doors, door frames, tiles, bricks, asbestos, cement, lock handles, geysers, pipes, fence post, electrical installation tube, electrical installation tape, ceiling, concrete lintel, copper couplings, curtain fittings, diamond wires, digging folks MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL MATERIALS AC/DC adapters, amplifiers, resistors, potentiometers, light emitting diodes, liquid crystal displays, segment displays, photodiodes, infrared emitters and receivers, display bezels, opto isolators, diodes, LED arrays, indicators, capacitors, batteries, battery chargers, battery studs, fuses, circuit breakers, switches, ferrite rods, AC &DC motors, thermostors, thermostats, thermocouples, strain gauges, light dependant resistors, pressure sensors, strain sensors, gas sensors, piezo sensors, airflow sensors, radar detector, infrared thermometer, humidity sensor, transistors, triacs, thryristors, integrated circuits, IC sockets, heat sinks, voltage regulators, torches, bulbs, lamp/tubes, starters, light fittings, lamp holders, display lights, steel back boxes, PVC back boxes, couplings, bushes, saddles, PVC conduits, steel pipes, trunking, power skirting, plugs, AC adaptors, sockets, outlets, switches, isolators, distribution boards, DB labels, distribution pillars, meter boxes, switch boards, busbars, generator set, earth spikes, earth chambers, roof entry boxes, bonding strip, main cables, video TV cables, automotive cables, RF cables, audio cables, electrical installation cables, telephone cables, signal cables, LAN cables, multi core clips, and ties, cable glands & shrouds, cable terminals, test leads, cable cords, control gears, switch gears, machine guarding, contact air suppressors, contactors, relays, solenoids, counters, timers, panel meters, programmable logic circuits, DIN meters, ammeters, digital modules, transformers, inverters, DC servo systems, solar panels, actuators, gearboxes, stepper control board, pumps, valves, PIR detectors, fans, water storage tanks, air conditioner, hand driers, electric geysers, stoves refrigerators, ice makers, LP Gas, air diffuser, blowers, lawn mowers, milking machines, pay phone booths, uninterrupted power supplies, rack cabinets, heaters, spacers, die cast boxes, DIN rails, filters, printed circuits boards, prototype boards, soldering and desoldering iron, soldering and desoldering station, soldering wire, iron tips, inductors, tuff candles, multi meters, LCR meters, testers, heating elements, cutting disks, screw drivers, knobs, lever, conveyor belts, magnets, bearings, bushes, seals, belts, plastic stock, gasket material, sound absorption/insulation, ferrous and non ferrous stock, perforated sheet, fasteners & fixings, bits and tweezers, magnetizers, stud extractor, knives, nut splitters, allen keys, chisels and mallets, saws, HSS taps, abrasives, sharpening stones, files, wrenches, spanners, hammers, crowbar, wheel runout machine, brake pedal tester, elevastors, wire strippers, machetes, pangas, grass slashers, pick axes, spades, shovels, trowels, chalk lines, pincers, crimp tool, pliers, drilling machines, grinding machines, grinding discs, reamers, surface planners, band saw machines, circular saw machines, edge sanders, lathe machines, counter sinks, measuring tapes, jig saws, lubricants, degreasers, work bench, welding kits, brick moulding machines, toolboxes, ladders, bolted and mobile shelving, security lockers, pallets, racking, conveyor systems, steel poles, gum poles, tyres, irrigation systems, tiles, keys, spirit levels, magnifiers. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT Acid resistance gloves, chemical overall, chemical cap, boiler suits, continental suits, waterproof jackets, weather beater coat, rain coat, welding apron, riot control gas mask, nose cups, welding sleeve, welding glove, welders gauntlet, knee pad, back support belt, energiser waist belt, safety shoes, combat shoes, safety trainer, hand cuffs, hazard warning tape, first aid kit, kidney belts, surgical gloves, absorbent sock, absorbent sheet, earmuffs, ear plugs, lab spectacles, portable air supply system, safety eye shield, safety spectacle, safety goggle, face shields, wheel chair, underwater camera, life jackets, weight belts, welding helmets, respirator masks, shock absorbing lanyard, sleeping bags, tents, epaulettes, whistles, batons, stretchers, mosquito nets, mosquito repellents, security uniforms, warning tags, barbed wire, palisade fencing, metal detectors, door intercoms, code keypads, walk through detectors, CCTV, CLEANING MATERIALS AND STATIONERY Cleaning carousels, vacuum cleaners, drum spillage decks, floor scrubbing machines, manual sweepers, oil absorbers, spill kit, tissue dispensers, soap dispensers, refuse bags, refuse containers, water dispensers, ammoniated hand cleaner, pine tree detergent, toilet and urinal detergent, drain disinfectant, detergent, deoblocks, brooms, mutton cloth, furniture polish, windowlene, pressure cleaners, floor degreaser, feather dusters. Pens, pencils, markers, crayons, printing paper, exercise books, counter books, graph books, manila paper, ink cartridges, toners, ribbons, paper clips, textbooks, calendars, duplicating paper, computer forms, business cards, invoice and receipt books, diaries, adding machine rolls, binders, calculators, carbon papers, badge holders, diskettes, dusters, envelopes, erasers, fax rolls, letter openers, letter trays, paper punch, staplers and staples, prestik adhesive, school chairs, office chairs, computer stands, cabinet archive storage, office shredders, binding machines, duplicating machines, fax machines, photocopier machines, printers, steel cash box, A4 Rotatrim papers, projector, white boars, clip board, electronic organisers, digital voice memo recorder, clocks, drawing templates, wall charts. LABORATORY EQUIPMENT AND IT ACCESSORIES Anemometers, barometers, thermometers, gauges, function generators, spectrum analysers, telescopes, inspection mirrors, leak and emission detectors, timers, organic vapour monitor, microscopes, x ray machines, vibration level meter, electronic scales, smoke tube sets, canister sampling unit, spatula, dioxins volume sampler, methane analyser, hydrogen sulphide analyser, evaporating basins, watch glass, litmus paper, chart recorder, hydrometers, stack gas analyser, pesticide volume sampler, hydrogen sulphide analyser, temperature simulators, wire gauge, tripods, beakers, syringes, test tubes, lieberg condensers, funnels, micro phones. Printers, toners, cartridges, computer cables, monitor, desk top, laptop, memory sticks, security hardware, scanners, digital duplicators, overhead multimedia projectors, software cds, CD rom, CD writers, DVD writers, blank DVDs SPORTS EQUIPMENT, CAMPING AND GYM EQUIPMENTS Soccer boots, volleyball kit, swimming costume, golf kit, track suites, football kits.. Sleeping bags, camouflage nets, tents, folding chairs, cooking pots, webbing sets, stretchers, Strength, cardio, flexibility. FOOD SUPPLIES Maize Meal, samp, rice, sorghum, flour, sugar, salts, canned food, fish, beans, maize, beef meat, goat meat, pork meat, chicken meat, cooking oil, peanuts, tomatoes, potatoes, fruits, jams, soft drinks, juice, vegetables, onions, cakes, bread, butter, coffee, tea, potatoes, milk view